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Legend: In the era of British regime the infrastructure of this district has been modernize to communicate Bangladesh with other Indian states West Bengal and Bihar. Railway was the only means of transportation at that time. To set-up of rail line in these districts the rail worker while cutting the jungle to find the way, they found an animal who's skin colour was red, the worker called it "Lalmoni" that's why this district name was given as Lalmonirhat. The other legend says that, the revolutionary leaders Nurul Din and Fakir Majnu was having a good relation with a lady of a reach and sophisticated family named Lalmoni. Local people of this area believe that from the family name of the lady Lalmoni this districts name was Lalmonirhat This is district Head Quarters with almost 1 Million population. This is also a railway junction (Railway Traffic District) and a trade spot. located in the northan part of Bangladesh

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